Friday, May 12, 2017

Well, duh

When we picked up Tasha from the breeder's, the breeder gave us a lot of information, as breeders are wont to do. For example, she told us how Sheltie ears should be folded over, and if Tasha's ears tried to stand up, we should bend them manually and use glue if we had too. We're not doing that. If Tasha's ears want to stand up, they are welcome to do so (she's not going to be a show dog).

Close up of a peony, now blooming in our garden.

Another thing she told us was more practical: feeding. The breeder fed Tasha four times a day. One-quarter cup of puppy chow each time. Once we got home, we decided four times was too much trouble and that we'd do only three feedings a day: morning, noon, and night. So we did that. Then, after two weeks, I realized that feeding Tasha just before bedtime meant, well, that she'd need to "go" during the night. So we have just stopped the evening meal. Tasha now gets a good breakfast, and a good lunch. Then just a treat or two before bedtime. So far, so good. No more morning surprises in the loft? Hope springs eternal.


  1. The peony is breathtaking. We had them in Connecticut and loved them. Jerry had sweet memories of them from his South Dakota childhood. I'd say you have a pretty good track record with puppy care and can trust your own good judgment.

  2. I agree with not bothering with trying to get the ears to show standard. I had collies when I was young and for some dogs it's just impossible to make their ears fold permanently. I never found anything that would stick adequately but wouldn't rip bits off the dog when removed.

  3. I don't understand at all the concept of forcing a dog's ears to look a certain way. What on earth? Maybe it's not as painful, but it just makes me think of binding women's feet.

  4. I suppose the breeder just wants to be sure that Tasha is a credit to her pedigree, but it does seem pointless to bend her ears, especially as she isn't going to be shown. She's no less adorable just because her ears stick up.

  5. mitch, this is one that I divided, but the original was already here when we moved in.

    susan, her ears are indeed folded and show no signs of pointing back up, but if they do, that's fine with us.

    judy, I agree. I feel the same way about bobbing tails (like the do with Australian sheep dogs). There may be a historical reason for doing it that might still apply to an actual working dog, but I don't see a reason to do it for household pets.

    coppa's girl, agreed. :)

  6. Yes, your photo is breathtaking. And, glue? Glad that is not is adorable Tasha's future! Good Dad!


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