Monday, May 29, 2017

Sunrise on our street

This is our street, looking east toward the sunrise early one recent morning. Just beyond where the street disappears behind the trees, it goes down a relatively steep hill into the valley toward the river. Just behind where I'm standing, the street becomes a dirt road through the vineyards.

We and our neighbors try to keep the grass cut along our portions of the road.

Sunday was a hot day, but today should be a little cooler. Still feels like summer, though, and that's nice. I will be harvesting the first of our snow peas today. I was surprised to see so many on the plants yesterday. We'll stir-fry them with some shrimp for lunch.


  1. It LOOKS like a warm summer morning... and peaceful!

  2. cold and damp and rainy here for memorial day. no cookout, no beach, no nothing. a nice photo, walt!


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