Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Grape flowers

Since the April freeze, the grape vines out back have seriously slowed down. I do see signs of recovery. Vines that lost all their early green growth are sending out new leaves and, if I'm seeing things right, some are producing flowers. Vines that made it through the freeze with some or all of their leaves and buds intact are definitely producing flowers. I get the impression, however, that there are many fewer flowers than there might have been.

These grape flower buds will open very soon and, if all goes well, will become a bunch of grapes.

I got the grass cut on Tuesday and the back yard is looking pretty nice. We're expecting a couple days of serious rain, so I'm holding off on planting out the tomatoes lest they get battered down; they're fine for now in the greenhouse. A lot of rain also means that the garden plot will be a soggy mess for a while. No fun for planting. We'll see how things go.


  1. Was the field you pictured with the smoke pots saved from this damage? Given all that work and loss of sleep, I hope so.

  2. stuart, it appears so, but it was such a small section of the vineyard. I guess it's a location that is more susceptible to freezing than others; it's the only place we saw the pots (around us).

  3. I have never seen grape flowers before, I think. Fascinating.


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