Sunday, May 21, 2017

It's almost time

I'm thinking that this coming week will be the week to get the tomato plants in the ground. I'm hoping to plant the zucchini seedlings out today, and I want to plant a row of green beans, too. Then there are the chili peppers -- I want to put some outside and keep some in pots in the greenhouse. It's also time to plant basil seeds and a few other herbs in the greenhouse.

Tomato seedlings last week. They're even bigger now.

The rains seem to be over for now, so the dry and warmer weather coming up over the next few days should be good for getting the garden in. I also have to get the taxes (French and US) done this week. Our French returns are due on the 31st and the US returns are due in early June (citizens residing outside the US aren't subject to the April 15 deadline).


  1. Heads up: On the FR online forms, my dividend income from the US (line 218 on form 2047) didn't automatically repeat in the box to be carried over to line 2TS on form 2042. I wrote a note and put it in manually.
    If you're interested, the report on American income for French taxes meeting is up on the website. And the reports from the previous meetings about reporting French income on the US taxes is up, too, somewhere.

  2. If all your seedlings mature and fruit, it looks as though you'll have a bumper crop.

  3. There is nothing so marvelous and exciting as tomato seedlings.

  4. ellen, thanks, I'll keep an eye out for that. And thanks for the links, too.

    coppa's girl, let's hope!

    michael, actual ripe tomatoes come close! ;)


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