Thursday, September 06, 2018

Berry, berry, bo-berry

I don't know what these berries are, but they grow wild on the edges of the vineyard, along with wild blackberries and wild roses. I thought this bunch looked interesting, kind of like a stylized christmas tree.

Pretty berries. I think they might be "troène commun" (privet). And, therefore, not edible.

I worked on sawing wood and grape vine trunks on Wednesday. First, of course, I had to spend about a half-hour getting the chainsaw operating. It sits in the garage unused for most of the year, and the chain gets stuck to the guide. Lots of WD-40 and a screwdriver helped to dislodge it and get it moving freely again. Then I had to add more chain oil (there's a compartment for that). I also had to mix up some gas/oil. The engine is a two-stroke engine that takes a mixture of gasoline and special oil to run, and I had run out. So, there's a special oil for the chain, another special oil for the gas mixture, and third special oil for the lawnmower and rototiller engines (both four-stroke engines). I have to be careful to use the right oil in the right place.

All that is to say that I didn't finish the cutting yesterday. But I'm hopeful that all will be done today. UPDATE: I finished!


  1. And that chainsaw would ensure that I lose interest in the task at hand. Sometimes the prep is worse than the chore.

  2. Could be a variety of dogwood.

  3. Job well done - you deserve a treat of some kind!

  4. I like your comment under Newsiness.
    Yeah. I feel the same way.

  5. madonna, I don't think so... the berries looks similar, but in the photos I've seen, the poke berries hang down like a bunch of grapes while these stalks stay upright.

    mitch, that's for sure. It often takes me longer to prepare than to do the task.

    chm, not sure...

    sillygirl, oh yes! And I had one (or two).

    emm, :)

  6. It looks like sureau noir to me ? You can't eat them raw, but my in-laws make jam from them.

    1. ksam, they look similar, but I think they're different. The sureau seems to have bigger bunches of berries that hang down from their stem, these definitely stick up with much smaller bunches.


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