Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Pumpkin patch

Although you can't see them all in this photo, there are ten potimarrons still on the vine in the vegetable garden. The leaves and vines are all withered now, and the tall grass has grown up around the squash. I imagine I'll pick them before halloween. I've not heard anyone talk of the Great Potimarron rising up out of the pumpkin patch at midnight that night, so I'm probably not risking much.

I can see eight potimarrons, but there are ten of them there. Those are dinosaur kale plants on the right.

I did make a little progress in the garden on Tuesday. The zucchini plants are history as are the green beans and pea plants. I pulled a bunch of weeds, too, but probably not enough. The compost pile is overflowing for the moment, but as the plants start to decompose, things will flatten out. The next task is to pull out the tomato plants.


  1. I always loved seeing that color in the browning garden. I pulled a weed from a pot on the terrace today. I’m exhausted.

  2. Mitchell, you crack me up! Walt, thanks for a new word for me, potimarron.

  3. I'm playing with that lovely word potimarrons, and wondering which syllable gets the emphasis. I could look it up, I suppose, but it's more fun to experiment: poTIMarrons, potiMARrons, and so on.
    And Linus said to watch out, they do too rise up out of their patches.

  4. mitch. be careful not to strain yourself.

    bettyann, :)

    emm, the general rule in French is that the accent is always on the last syllable: potimarRON. :)

  5. but but but THIS YEAR you MAY get lucky and see the great pumpkin! your pumpkin patch does look sincere enough.

  6. WCS's pumpkin patch is the most sincere I am certain.

  7. anne marie, I wonder if the Great Pumpkin speaks French?

    michael, allowing for the fact that they're not really pumpkins...


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