Friday, September 28, 2018

Blue skies

We're enjoying a week of very nice weather. Clear nights, chilly mornings, sunny and warm days. Perfect fall weather, if you ask me. And, while we need rain, it's nice to have the good weather and to be outside.

Looking toward the west at sunrise.

For example, Ken and I spent a couple of hours on Thursday morning cleaning up the vegetable garden. The tomato plants (and their support stakes) are all pulled out and disposed of. Ken trimmed up the Swiss chard plants where the heat had baked them and now they look good and ready to produce in the cooler weather. I have a few more things to put away, but most of the garden plot is ready for a fall tilling.


  1. I think rain is headed our way. I hope. This photo is gorgeous!

  2. Does it feel good when you have that accomplished at the end of the growing season! And plenty of things in the freezer!

  3. mitch, there's no rain in our forecast right now.

    judy, thanks!

    sillygirl, oh yes! We've eaten so much from the garden already, but having that stuff in the freezer is nice.


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