Wednesday, September 12, 2018

What's the buzz?

I finally killed the mosquito that's been terrorizing us these past few nights. It's been hot, and I found myself cowering under the sheet, sweating in the dark, wondering where and when it would strike again. Last night I awoke with a start when I felt it bite my back. I had thrown the sheet off after falling asleep. A little later, I woke again, feeling a huge welt form on my face. The bugger got me again.

I don't have any photos of mosquitoes, dead or alive, so you get this lovely slug racing across the vineyard road.

That was it. I got up and went downstairs for the fly swatter. I turned on the light in the bedroom and, once my eyes adjusted, started looking. There it was, sitting on the wall just above the bed. Just sitting there, waiting. SWAT! Got it on the first try. I slept soundly the rest of the night.

Our heat wave is expected to break as we get closer to the weekend.


  1. We use those Catch or Raid plug-ins. I have them on a timer to go 19.00 - 07.00. Pleased to report no nasty overnight flying attacks.

  2. Wow, giant attack mosquitoes and racing slugs. So glad that was the only attack mosquito that night. I hate when I get one, crawl back into bed, and hear another buzzing in my ear.

  3. Reading your blog titles is like singing along with the radio in the 1970s. Ha!

  4. I've had the same problem with flies this summer. Yesterday my hubby must have left a door open during the day because I battled at least ten flies when I was preparing dinner. I won...finally...thanks to my trusty swatter. I hate flies buzzing around food.

  5. Executing an annoying mosquito is one of life's most satisfying pleasures.

  6. Slugs, eeuww.
    I was once told that California some years back came within a couple of votes in the state lege of declaring the banana slug the state mollusk.

  7. potty, I used to use a Raid plug-in, but haven't put one up in the loft.

    mitch, it's usually only one, and we don't get them very frequently, only when it's really hot.

    judy, we are children of the 70s, for sure! I had the original cast album back then...

    diane, we use covers (plastic domes) to keep them off the food while we're cooking. Yuck! Otherwise, I usually try to shoo them out a window. I hate cleaning smashed fly from the walls.

    chris, she said with a sly grin...

    emm, the banana slug is the UC Santa Cruz mascot! Sammy the Slug.


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