Monday, September 24, 2018

If it's fall it must be pumpkin bread

We had a very successful patch of potimarrons (red kuri squash) in this year's vegetable garden. There are about a dozen of them, most are bigger than those I see in the supermarkets this time of year. Potimarrons have orange flesh, like pumpkins, and have a very nice chestnutty flavor. We use them like butternut squash, in soups and stews or pureed with butter, and I also make pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread with them.

Pumpkin bread with pecans. Behind it are the chunks of the rest of the potimarron that got cooked into a chicken and squash tagine.

I picked one of the larger squash over the weekend and roasted half of it in the oven. Ken cooked the other half into a delicious tagine (a stew with squash and chicken served over cous-cous) that we had for Sunday lunch. I used about a quarter of the roasted squash to make a loaf of pumpkin bread. The remaining three quarters went into the freezer for another time. There are still ten or so squash out in the garden. Uh-oh.


  1. Oh, no! More delicious sounding food! It's the middle of the night, I can't sleep and am quite hungry but determined not to eat until morning...

  2. That bread is gorgeous and your Sunday lunch sounds delicious. We had take-away!

  3. That bread would win a prize at the State Fair for sure.

  4. I agree the bread looks beautiful and delicious!

  5. Gorgeous bread.
    The supermarkets and ads are full of entreaties to stock up on pumpkin spice this and pumpkin spice that. Ugh. Getting to the point that I hate to hear that veggie mentioned.
    But not, I hasten to add, in your and Ken's blogging. That is Real Food.


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