Sunday, September 23, 2018

Summer's end

It's strangely warm this first morning of fall, but it's quite blustery outside. Chances are we won't be seeing a hot-air balloon today. They fly on clear, still mornings. I saw this one a couple of weeks ago while walking in the vineyard with Tasha. She hasn't really noticed balloons yet, but that might be because we've seen very few of them this year and the few we've seen have not been very close.

The Bonne Maman balloon has flown by a few times this summer, but it's the only one we've seen.

We've run the new dishwasher a few times now and last night we tested the delay-start timer. No problems. It's less a test of the dishwasher than it is a test of our ability to operate it. So far, we've passed.


  1. New kitchen appliances are always so exciting!

  2. Hot air balloons are quite common round these parts. Have you ridden one? Do so!

  3. Beautiful beach day here. Too humid again this morning but a perfect evening. We never see balloons around here.

  4. bettyann, like toys at christmas!

    judy, hehe...

    michael, I haven't yet. One day!

    mitch, we're starting to feel like fall here. This morning's temps are in the single digits!


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