Tuesday, September 25, 2018

The heat is on

Our morning low temperatures are now in single digits. This morning it's just over 8º C (about 46ºF) outside. When our indoor temperature drops below 18.5º C (about 65ºF), the central heating comes on. It doesn't stay on for long this time of year because the house hasn't had a chance to really cool down. The heating season will start in earnest some time in October. We're expecting nice warm days this week.

A pile of logs in the woods along one of our walking routes.

It's time to start dealing with the vegetable garden. We need to pull the spent plants and clean up a little, maybe do a little burning. Ken would like to run the tiller through the dirt before we cover it. This year we want to spread plastic or some other weed-preventing fabric on the plot for the winter. That will make it easier to till up again in the spring. Tilling established weeds is hard work.

It's also time to contact the hedge trimming team and get on their fall schedule.


  1. Weeds DO grow like weeds, don’t they. We’re still hovering around 30C. At least low humidity today... and a breeze.

  2. It seems like just the other day, that you were talking about tilling the soil to get ready to plant the tomatoes!

  3. Excellent idea to cover the vegetable plot. Black plastic works like magic. It absorbs the heat in the Spring, which will kill off any seedlings.

  4. In Seattle I am playing the waiting-to-turn-the-heat-on game. I almost gave in last week - less than average temperatures and it got down to 65 in the house by morning but this week it will get up to the 70s during the day so I'm still hanging in there with double sweaters in the mornings. My friend in North Carolina said it is finally getting DOWN to the 70s where she is!

  5. mitch, weeds are what I grow best. Hard to imagine 30º this time of year!

    judy, yup. But I'm already thinking about next year...

    sheila, that's the plan! I hope it works.

    sillygirl, we've now abandoned shorts and tees for flannel and long sleeves. Summer's gone.


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