Friday, September 21, 2018

New dishwasher

The appliance guy delivered and installed the new dishwasher last evening. He was a little late getting here, but all's well that ends well. Of course, the kitchen now needs to be put back together. We didn't try to tackle it last night, so we'll do it this morning.

The new dishwasher next to the stove. That's a glass trivet/tray to protect the top of the dishwasher because we keep ceramic pots filled with long-handled utensils up there.

I had some difficulty getting the stove back in place and hooked up, but Ken and I finally managed it.

I took this photo quickly, and with just the kitchen lights on (it was still dark outside). We have yet to put everything back in the kitchen, but you get the idea. The machine is running now, and it is a little quieter than the old one. But, we'll soon be used to it and won't notice anymore.


  1. Brilliant! Every dishwasher I have had has been quieter and more efficient than the previous one. I don't think I could enjoy washing up by hand any more!

  2. Haha, same same. But you have an extra button and a metal surface. Only a little quieter? Ours is nearly silent with only an occasional gurgle from the sink drain. We have found the quick 45 degree setting for a normal wash quite ok, even for drying the dishes. Our top button is start and the bottom something called vario speed. No idea what that is. What is your middle button.

    1. I was wrong. Our top button is delayed start and the start is the same as yours.

  3. Great! Looks good there. Our current dishwasher, a Samsung, is so quiet, that my husband opened it last night right in the middle of a wash cycle, without realizing it was running! When we saw it before it went in, vs the old white one that had been in the kitchen, the amount (and thickness) of the surrounding felt-type insulation material was very impressive. That must help with the noise!

  4. You're so trendy with all your stainless steel. I will consider Bosch next time, as not overly thrilled with the Samsung I have. It has really weird racks inside and doesn't seem to dry all that well.

  5. jean, yes, they do get quieter over the years, don't they!

    andrew, our top button is the delayed start control, the middle is an "extra dry" setting, and the bottom is the same vario-speed, which shortens the standard wash cycles. Our start button is on the dial.

    mitch, but of course.

    judy, the built-in Kitchen Aid we had in our SF kitchen was very quiet. I think it was quieter than this new one here.

    evelyn, :)

    local alien, :)

    emm, we were all-stainless in SF when we remodeled the kitchen there. Prior to that, it had yellow appliances, with red and pink tiles on the counter and backsplash. Ugh!


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