Saturday, September 08, 2018

The season's first tart

I picked a few apples from our trees on Friday and decided to make a tarte aux pommes (apple tart). I found some rhubarb compote in the freezer and used that as a fruit base for the tart, then put a layer of sliced apples on top before baking.

The finished tart is glazed with strained apricot jam.

I don't even know what variety of apples these are. We have four apple trees, one of which we think is a Bramley, but it has no fruit this year. Another variety makes dark red apples, but their flesh is a little mushy and I don't really like them. They make good compost, though.


  1. I read first that they make good compote, and immediately saw my mistake. Lol

  2. Walt, it sounds like your red apples might be earlies... something along the James Grieve line... they are fine in late July and most of the way through August... then suddenly, when they turn fully red, a switch inside turns their fruit to mush... but they are wonderful for juicing [but flavourless for cider!]

  3. If that tastes even half as good as it looks.... Wow!

  4. Your tart look almost too good to eat...Almost...
    I'm wondering about what you have in that glass. Are you rooting something? It almost looks like basil but I don't think it is...

  5. That looks delicious. It's perfect, like a candidate for a patisserie window.

  6. Ha ha, chm, that was my first take on first glance!
    Gorgeous tarte, Walt!

  7. (holds out plate for a slice) you and ken are master chefs!

  8. Love the basil in the glass. I buy one batch of basil a year at the market, eat some and root some, then plant the rooted ones so we'll have basil all summer. Oh, and the tart looks spectacular!

  9. Do the apples vary in taste from year to year, given the weather conditions etc?

  10. Oh, that tart! When you've given Anne Marie in Philly her slice, I'd like one, please.

  11. chm, lol. They probably make a good compote, too. I'll try it!

    tim, I wonder... I'll have to look that up and compare.

    mitch, it was pretty tasty!

    jan, :)

    thickethouse, it is indeed basil. It roots very easily and then it goes into dirt and, voilà, a new plant!

    diane, I should be so lucky!

    judy, thanks! C'mon over and share a slice!

    anne marie, if I could scan it and email you a piece, I would!

    chris, I've been growing basil from seed, and realized only this year that this is a good way to keep it going.

    michael, I haven't noticed if they do...

    emm, coming right up!

    madonna, I like it when I finish, haha!


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