Wednesday, September 19, 2018


I mentioned yesterday that everything around us is archi-sec (extremely dry) right now. The grass is so brown that it reminds me of California summers. The yard is too big to waste water on, so it only gets water when it rains. The water we do use goes to the potted plants, flower beds, and the vegetable garden.

The green plastic thing in the ground is a rain gauge. It's not getting much use right now.

This is a view of the part of the yard visible from the guest room. The brownest parts get the most sun during the day. That patch of green on the lower left is not grass, but a weed called la prêle (common horsetail). It also grows in the walkway and inside the greenhouse. We pull a lot of it out of those places, but let it go in the yard. It's not easy to kill, so there's no point in trying.

Tasha is doing much better. She's no longer limping and wants to get back to running, jumping, and chasing pigeons. But we have to try to keep her as calm as possible for a few more days, just to ensure that the sprain heals all the way. Wish us luck!


  1. You are very good pet parents. Tasha is a lucky girl.

  2. Keeping a young pup calm. Good luck! It sure looks dry. More humidity here again today. Groan.

  3. There is no letting up of our heat this year so far. And no rain either... The green parts of your yard are lovely.

  4. Looking at your Image picture, I was thinking about how pretty the grape leaves are when turning color and realized that they don't turn red, they turn -- wait for it -- wine red.

  5. kiwi, and we're lucky parents!

    mitch, and all her energy is now pent up!

    evelyn, I hope you get a break soon.

    emm, haha! They are red grape vines. The sauvignon blanc leaves don't turn red. Just yellow.


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