Monday, September 10, 2018

Hot time

It was certainly a hot Sunday afternoon. As predicted, we got up to about 30ºC in the late afternoon, which made for a pretty uncomfortable evening, especially for sleeping. I tossed and turned for a couple of hours before falling asleep sometime after midnight. It didn't help that I was being terrorized by a rogue mosquito. Two bites, and the fear of more, kept me awake for a while.

The tall grass plants have flowered and are releasing their seeds.

The summery weather is supposed to last for a few days. It's nice, sitting outside, barbecuing, and enjoying hanging out in shorts and t-shirts. Meanwhile, most of our summer neighbors have been packing up and heading out. The hamlet will regain its relative calm again. Of course, the grape harvest will start soon and hunting season begins in a couple of weeks.


  1. I guess we’ll be seeing some more heat. It’s been comfortable lately... finally. Oh mosquitoes in the bedroom could drive a person crazy.

  2. Mosquitoes! I hate them buzzing around me at night. We rarely have them, fortunately, because we don't have open windows during the summer.

  3. On a visit to Venice we opened the windows to sleep - it was very warm. My husband's head was covered with mosquito bites in the morning and someone asked why we didn't plug in the little mosquito repellent device before we went to bed. Who knew!

  4. So you do have mosquitoes. Maybe it's time for some screens on the windows. They also keep out the miserable flies. Two or three seem to come into the house every time I open the door.

  5. chm, thanks!

    mitch, hang in there... fall is coming!

    judy, we don't get many, but all it takes is one!

    sillygirl, I wonder if it would have worked?

    diane, we don't get many, just a few on the hottest of days. Screening the windows would be too big a job for very little benefit. Most people around here don't have them.


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