Monday, September 17, 2018

The other artichokes

In addition to the Jerusalem artichokes in our yard, we also have a couple of standard artichokes. They're just for decoration, we don't eat them. Their flowers open in the summer (the bees love them) and then they turn brown, like this, in the fall. I'll cut the five-foot stalks down soon, but even like this they look nice.

A brown artichoke flower.

We think that Tasha twisted her leg while playing ball on Sunday. After our play session she began to limp, but not until she was in the house. Now she's having a hard time getting around and certainly can't get up or down the stairs. Fortunately, we can carry her in and out for "poopies." Looks like we'll need to see the vet today. Ugh.

UPDATE: We have a vet appointment for later this afternoon. Tasha is fine otherwise. She's hopping around on three legs and eating normally. There seems to be no pain when we move her injured leg around, but we can tell that there is feeling in the leg. She moves it, but doesn't want to put any weight on it.


  1. I've wanted dried flowers of some kind for a pot on a wall in the house. This would be very cool.

  2. P.S.: I'll be keeping a good thought for poor Tasha!

  3. get well soon, tasha! hope it's nothing serious.

  4. She is such an active kid - I have my finger's crossed that Tasha will be up and running around again on all fours very quickly!

    Mary in Oregon

  5. Hope Tasha is OK. That sounds like it might be a sprain.
    Why not eat the artichokes? Or are there eating kinds and decorative kinds.

  6. mitch, thanks! She's much better this morning. Now our task is to try to keep her calm for a few days.

    judy, merci!

    anne marie, looks like it's just a sprain, thankfully.

    mary, thanks. We're sure she will.

    emm, it's looking better now. As for the artichokes, we tried to eat them in the beginning, but they weren't very good.


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