Saturday, September 01, 2018

Try to remember

It's September again. I was trying to remember what was going on last year at this time, but I needed to look back at blog entries to see. Turns out that the grape harvest started on September 1 last year, with the picking of the chardonnay grapes just to the north of our property. We were also helping Tasha recover from her spaying surgery. She started to chew on her stitches and had to wear the "cone of shame" for a while.

The donkey pen (where we haven't seen donkeys in a long time) is mowed, and leaves are starting to turn.

So here we are again. Fall is in the air, but it's still very much summer. I wonder when the harvest will start this year? The grapes certainly look ready.


  1. Summer is still in the air here. Looking forward to the unusual humidity to leave. Thanks for the song hint (not really); we had to sing this song at junior high graduation assembly and all I can hear is the bad arrangement and the boys and then girls repeatedly singing FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW FOLLOW.

  2. I can hardly believe Tasha's being spayed was already a year ago! It seems like yesterday that she came to live with you.

  3. I'm thinking the harvest will begin tomorrow...

  4. mitch, hehe. We didn't have jr high graduations, a fact for which I am now grateful.

    elgee, this is her second September on the planet. She'll be two in February!

    evelyn, still no activity...

  5. Funny, but I count on you each year to supply me 'autumn scenes' to let me know such things still happen somewhere. They bring me comfort.


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