Friday, August 31, 2018

Raisins on the vine

This is nature's way of making raisins. These wine grapes simply shriveled in this year's hot summer sun. And they're not alone. I see more burned grapes out in the vineyard this year than I've seen in recent years.

These are real sun made -- not sun maid -- raisins.

I guess these things go in cycles. The summer of 2003, our first in this house, was one of the hottest summers on record, significantly hotter than this year was. But I don't remember what the grapes looked like. I'm not sure I paid much attention that first year. I'll bet there were a lot of "raisins" out there.

By the way, the French word for grape is raisin. What we call raisins are called raisins secs (dried grapes) in France.


  1. And to make things even more confusing a bunch of grapes is in French une grappe de raisin!

  2. These are the grapes. This is the sun. It turns them to raisins one by one.

  3. the funny thing is the stump behind the raisins looks like a dog trying to eat them

    1. Yes, you are right. You have a keen eye. That's your business, innit?

  4. Dark and rainy day with tennis to watch. Aren't the Williams sisters playing one another today?

  5. Haha, what JOanna said. :))

  6. chm, indeed!

    mitch, haha!

    joanna, you're right, it does!

    sheila, they did, but I haven't watched the match yet.

    elgee, :)


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