Monday, August 13, 2018


The grapes out in the vineyard are getting riper every day. It's most obvious with the red grapes, but the white ones are also ripening, going from green to more of a golden yellow. I have no idea when harvesting will start, but I'll bet it will be a little sooner than normal, given the hot summer we're having.

I'm not good at identifying varietals. This is either cabernet franc, côt (malbec), or gamay.

In other seasonal news, I read that the hunting season for game birds (pheasant and partridge) opens on September 23 in our area. Wild hares can be hunted starting October 14. Organized hunts for deer, foxes, and wild boar were authorized starting back in June, but I haven't seen one happen in our area so far this season. It won't be long.


  1. My refined grape identification skills tell me that those are indeed ... grapes.

  2. They look delicious! But I think - and you've said so before if I remember correctly - they aren't very nice to eat, are they?

  3. What a beautiful picture. I feel as if I could reach through the screen to touch them, all burstingly plump.

  4. mitch, baby steps!

    elgee, well, they're ok to eat, but they're small, tart, and have seeds.

    emm, :)


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