Friday, August 24, 2018

How do you like them apples?

Time to pick up apples again. The two smaller trees are just loaded with them. The big tree has almost none. I can't cut the grass with all those apples on the ground, so I gather them up and dump them in to the compost bin. That said, the grass hasn't really been growing because of the hot and dry spell we've been having (only 4mm in the last month), so I haven't really needed to pick them up since the last time I cut the grass. Most of what has grown are the flower stalks of the weeds. The apples, however, continue to fall.

Last year these trees had very few apples. This year, they're loaded.

I'd like to get them up off the ground before it rains again. Some light rain is predicted for Saturday afternoon, but so far it doesn't look like it will be much. In the photo above, there's a blue tool leaning up against one of the trees. It's a scraper that I use to gather the apples into little piles so I can get them into the wheelbarrow without too much bending. Gotta take care of the back.


  1. I'd take care of the back by hiring someone. I've said it before: You're a better man than I.

  2. Ha, Mitchell always has the best comments :)

  3. The wasps will be happy. Here in Vancouver we mst pick our apples promptly or we risk attracting the bears and being fined. Will you make sauce, or juice?

  4. Aren't the apples good to eat? I would think you'd be making and canning applesauce and freezing apples for winter pies.

  5. Back to tomatoes - I made tomato gravy with a little corned beef thrown in and put it over rice for dinner. I'm sure you are familiar with this sort-of southern recipe.

  6. I remember your apple problems!

  7. mitch, I already pay someone to trim the hedges every year... It's a slippery slope.

    judy, :)

    jocelyn, thankfully, we have no bears in the Loire Valley! These are all destined for the compost pile.

    diane, one of the two trees has good apples. I'll be making some tarts and maybe some sauce soon, I hope.

    sillygirl, that sounds good!

    evelyn, everyone should have such problems!


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