Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Tasha Tuesday

This is something Tasha does on nearly every walk through the vineyard. She hunts field mice. Or, more accurately, she hears something moving in the grass and sticks her nose in to investigate. Sometimes she'll even pounce like an arctic fox going after a rodent under a foot of snow.

No mouse goes unsniffed.

Today is supposed to be the hottest day of our heat wave. Yesterday was particularly uncomfortable, and today is expected to be worse. This past week I've been closing up the house completely after lunch, keeping an oscillating fan going in the living room. By doing this, I've managed to keep the inside temperature a few degrees celsius below the outside temperature during the hottest part of the day. Then, after sunset, the temperature outside starts to fall and I've been able to open up again. But it's still hot.

Wednesday will bring relief. Then we can start complaining about how chilly it is.

By the way, just after yesterday's sunset, at around 22h00, I saw the international space station fly by just to our south. I checked on the internet to verify that it was indeed the ISS, and it was!


  1. « Then we can start complaining about how chilly it is. » LOL ! So true !

    Do you use that telescope anymore ?

  2. You continue to have my sympathy for your heatwave. Still more pleasant here than other places in the coast. Very cool.to,spot the space station. And, well, always a pleasure to see Tasha.

  3. Your weather is very much like ours. Today was far too hot for me! I feel sorry for the farmers and, in general, for the animals. Even the birds in the garden seem to be panting all the time. Our usually year-round green grass is yellow/brown. From what I can see on the radar you've probably had your first showers, maybe even some thunder? Our temperature tomorrow is supposed to be abt 10 degrees lower than today, i.e. from 35 C to 25 C (the latter is mid seventies in F, I think). Much better and hopefully also some much needed rain. And yes, then we'll probably start moaning about the rain. ;)

  4. Love your description of Tasha pouncing. My Siberian husky used to do that, to things seen and unseen. It always made me laugh.
    To see the space station is very cool -- and should reduce your local temperature at least several degrees.

  5. Wow, about seeing the space station!

  6. chm, I haven't in a while. By the time I get it out and set it up, what I want to look at is usually gone!

    mitch, we're coming out of it now. Phew!

    elgee, haven't seen any rain yet, but this morning is overcast. We'll see.

    emm, ha!

    judy, I've seen the space station twice before. There's a web site (of course) that shows its path in real time. It can only be seen by the naked eye when the setting sun is shining on it as it passes overhead. I've been lucky to have clear skies on these particular occasions.


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