Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Burs in the fur

It's bur season, and Tasha picks up a lot of them. The burs in this photo are the most common, but they come in all shapes and sizes. She often comes back from a walk with a twig or a branch of thorny blackberry or wild rose stuck in her tail. Thankfully, she's not afraid of the brush and comb I use to get the burs out. Sometimes she thinks it's a game. But she doesn't always like me tugging at her fur.

I've already forgotten if the flowers on these plants were yellow or white.

We're moving into another warm spell. My plan for the day is to pick a bucketful of tomatoes, trim them up, and make a batch of sauce for the freezer. Many of the toms got sunburned in our recent heat wave, but they're still good for sauce once I cut the burned part off.


  1. Another magical photo. We haven't had your heat, but the humidity has made being outside exhausting. We've decided we like it better here in winter for a variety of reasons!

  2. Oh, that tomato sauce will be so tasty!

  3. Hugo also gets covered in brambles, seeds and twigs on every walk. He doesn't mind but they are a pain to get out of his curls!
    BTW, I have left fewer comments lately because for some reason any I make using my iPad just disappear into the ether. This has been happening for about two months. I can only comment if I get the laptop fired up, which I do less frequently these days, preferring to browse lazily with the iPad.

  4. I've had Jean'a problem with disappearing comments. That seems to have stopped on my machine, but now when I try to sign in to gmail to leave a comment, it bounces back to the beginning screen and I have to start all over again. Trial and error, and I figured out a way to get it to work, but technology sometimes seems awfully cranky.
    Re the tomatoes, would the sunburned parts taste "off" if used, or maybe make a sauce look bad?


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