Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Another bucket of toms

This time the bucket isn't full. I decided to pick as many of the yellow tomatoes as I could on Tuesday. I'm planning to sauce them, then further reduce the sauce into tomato paste for the pantry. Many of these tomatoes are getting very ripe, so it's time to process them.

The bucket holds 15 liters (about 4 US gallons). That's one of our parsley plants on the left.

There are still several buckets' worth of red tomatoes in the garden. Our challenge is to eat what we can (we're eating some almost every day now) and process the rest before they start to rot. I picked two more zukes, yesterday. Thankfully, their production is winding down. There are also about a dozen potimarrons (red kuri squash) out there, too. But, like pumpkins, they'll be alright on the vine for a while as long as it doesn't rain. And, it looks like our second crop of flat beans is coming soon.


  1. Beautiful colors. All those tomatoes wouldn't do with my reflux problems!

  2. mitch, sorry to hear that. They're sooo tasty!

    judy, with even more to come...


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