Thursday, August 30, 2018

A summer lunch

Wednesday was overcast and rainy, but I grilled anyway. We started our lunch with a very summery dish: melon au jambon (melon and cured ham). It's a typical French summer appetizer. The melons are of the Cavaillon type, even if they're grown in other places. They're similar to the North American cantaloupe in taste and texture and, in this dish, are served with jambon cru (cured ham). We had Italian prosciutto, but a French ham like Bayonne is often used.

Melon au jambon, so summery!

Our main course was a grilled turkey burger with cheese, garden tomato, and lettuce. Ken made a "special sauce" with Thai sriracha (hot pepper sauce) mixed with mayonnaise. Along side we had grilled corn on the cob. That's not a very French dish (people equate corn on the cob with feed corn which is grown to feed livestock), but we're seeing more and more sweet corn on the cob available in the markets lately.

Turkey cheeseburger and grilled corn on the cob.

Grilling season is coming to an end, but I'm hopeful that we'll be able to continue through September. Then I'll have to cover the grill for the winter. Sigh.


  1. While we can barbeque all year round bbn, the barbeque struggles on very cold nights to get hot enough. I like the sound of melon au jambon.

  2. Prosciutto and melon! Delicious. We used to grill on our deck in the snow when we lived on the Long Island Sound. Too much good fresh fish to pass up.

  3. Well, now, it's not quite coming to an end! Let's not rush things! LOL

    1. Oh, and great job on all that wood cutting and stacking!

  4. Looks delish. Is that one of your homemade burger buns? That also looks very good.

  5. andrew, it's a little too cold and wet for us, well, for me, to bbq in the winter.

    mitch, brrr!

    judy, I agree, but we're transitioning!

    emm, not this time. Store-bought. But we just talked about making some soon.


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