Sunday, August 12, 2018

Carrots gone wild

There's not much more to say about wild carrot, known as Queen Anne's Lace in North America. Just that this has been a very good year for it and other umbels out in the fields and vineyards of our region.

The underside of a wild carrot flower.

I'm still pulling zucchini out of the garden. I found a couple big ones hidden under the plants on Saturday. They were too big to deal with, so they went right into the compost pile. Ken made some more zucchini "hummus" a day or so ago, and yesterday he made a shrimp and noodle stir-fry with zucchini, corn, bamboo shoots, water chestnuts, and some of our tomatoes. It was delicious. Today we'll be making a big batch of ratatouille for the freezer, using more zukes and tomatoes from the garden along with some eggplant from the supermarket.


  1. That ratatouille will be tasty in the middle of Winter.

  2. mitch, it was tasty!

    evelyn, yes, it will! Now it's getting to be time to make batches of tomato sauce.


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