Saturday, August 18, 2018

Hanging in there

I noticed this seed parachute (minus the seed) suspended in a spider's web the other day. It seemed to be just hanging still in the air. You can just make out the delicate threads of the web in the photo.

Can you see the strands of the web?

My stress test on Friday went fine. All readings were normal, except one: my blood pressure before the test started was elevated. I was anxious, I guess. The doctor agreed. My blood pressure at the end of the test was normal, actually a little below normal. The test was pedaling a stationary bike. I had eight or ten electrodes stuck to my chest and back to monitor my heart activity. Every two minutes the pedaling difficulty increased, as if I was heading up a hill. An automatic blood pressure cuff took readings at each level of difficulty. I made it up to level five before my legs gave out. The doctor asked if I could do another twenty seconds, and I did, but that was it.

I'm feeling good about the exam and the test. It appears that I'll be heading into my sixties with a relatively healthy heart. Next up: going to the dentist on Monday to get a lost filling replaced. Joy.


  1. Glad the stress test went fine. It’s typical for blood pressure to go up when in a doctor’s office, whether knowingly anxious/stressed or not. I don’t think I’ve ever had a stress test, so I don’t have any idea how unpleasant it could be.

  2. Your walking is paying off and healthy eating...

  3. Glad to hear that the stress test had good results. Just as Evelyn said... walking, eating fresh food... it's all good :)

  4. Elevated blood pressure at the doc office is called White Coat Syndrome. Even doctors are now starting to recognize it. Glad the overall test went well.
    Lovely picture -- I wouldn't have seen the parachute if you hadn't pointed it out.

  5. chm, I didn't find it unpleasant, it's just that I get anxious about medical stuff.

    mitch, at least, not bad news.

    evelyn, walking the dog is certainly a good thing, for both of us.

    judy, I won't mention my weakness for tortilla chips...

    emm, all of my doctors in France have mentioned it. After a few visits, though, it goes away. I guess it's about familiarity and comfort with how things will go.

    1. "...all of my doctors." Ha! That sounds a little funny. I've only had 2 primary care physicians in 15 years. :)


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