Friday, August 17, 2018


I'm doing a stress test today as part of my cardiac check-up. I had the cardiologist's exam last month, and he says everything looks good. So today I'll ride the stationary bike. This will be my second time in seven years.

Our wisteria is having a second bloom since the first back in the spring.

I do these check-ups since I turned 50 because of a history of heart problems on my father's side of the family. Better safe than, well, the alternative. The last time I did the stress test, I felt like the doctor made the bike too difficult too fast, and my legs gave out. He said it was fine and that I lasted long enough for the readings to be valid. I have a different cardiologist this time and I wonder if I'll have the same experience. I hope to do better, but I am seven years older.


  1. Oh how I love wisteria.. and passing stress tests!

  2. Here they use a tread mill...much easier on the legs. They just speed it up to put stress on the heart.

  3. I had to one of those once as part of my work medical about five years ago. It was horrible. Then afterwards I had two youngish doctors piled onto me, squeezing me. That may sound a bit interesting, but even my vivid imagination could not make that nice either. Then I had an MRI scan, which was in a proper hospital. Work paid, I had a few days off work and lost some penalty rates. But I am going to go through the same thing this coming October, I am sure. I expect I will be put off work for longer this time, which is not a bad thing for me.

  4. I did a stress test last winter, but mine involved a treadmill that the technician could speed up as she increased the incline. I was quite sure I heard her chortling.
    Lovely wisteria.

  5. mitch, glad it's over. I was stressing about it...

    judy, thanks! There's probably a Hallmark card for that. ;)

    sheila, I think I'd prefer a treadmill to the bike.

    andrew, I survived my first one, I expect to survive this one, too. :)

    evelyn, thanks!

    emm, I wondered how my doctor would do. He's at least my age, maybe older.


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