Sunday, August 19, 2018

All that glitters

I frequently find things that are not gravel embedded in the gravel road that runs through the vineyard behind our house. I've seen pottery shards, chunks of brick, and glass of all colors. This one, glinting in the morning sun, caught my eye the other day.

A blue-green piece of glass in the road.

I was somewhat productive on Saturday and did some yard work. We have a fence that runs along the north edge of our property. The woods on the other side of the fence are aggressive and, back in 2012, we noticed that the young trees and vines threatened to take over the fence and pull it down. Ken and I spent a couple of days with gloves and cutters to clear the fence and create a space about a meter wide on the other side to keep the woods at bay. Since then, I run the lawnmower through every month or so in summer to keep the space clear.

Well, with this year's heat wave, I let it go for a while. The vines and brambles and small trees took advantage and started reaching for the fence. So yesterday I got out there with pruning shears and cut it all back and ran the lawnmower through. Phew! I also picked a huge bucket-full of ripe tomatoes and, after giving some of the nicer ones to a few of our neighbors, I'll make another batch of sauce today.


  1. I'd love to find a bit of sea glass of that color! It's amazing how quickly nature takes over if not tamed.

  2. Busy day! I discovered oak tree saplings in my lawn as a result of not moving the lawn this summer, very exciting as there is not an oak tree in sight of our house!

  3. mitch, did you ever go to Glass Beach up near Mendocino?

    beckyb, cool! maybe they were dropped there by birds or other critters?

    1. I have never been to Glass Beach. Oh, how I would have loved that. I've read that, thanks to no more dumping up above glass beach, there is less and less glass washing up. AND... some people were upset at the loss of what they called the "natural beauty" and thought more glass should be dumped in the sea so the appearance of the beach is not lost!


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