Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Cool change

The heat wave has broken. Last evening, a west wind kicked up. It was a hot and dry wind, and our temperature was well over 30ºC (close to 90ºF), but at least the air was moving. The winds lasted into the night and it felt good.

The days of wearing just shorts and a t-shirt on morning walks are numbered.

This morning, the low is not much lower than it has been all week, and with the breeze it feels cool. But today's high is not expected get anywhere near yesterday's. It's also overcast this morning, meaning that it's darker than it has been. The days are shortening!


  1. You will remember these T shirt and shorts days in a few months!

  2. bettyann, fondly! And yes, I think. "Cool change" is an Australian expression for the arrival of a cold front during warm weather. And, since the LRB is Australian...

    judy, yes!


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