Thursday, August 02, 2018

Waning gibbous

The moon has been shining brightly for the last couple of weeks. Not because it's any brighter than normal, but because our nights have been clear with very few clouds to obscure it. We actually got to see, if we were up late, the recent lunar eclipse. The only other total lunar eclipse that I can remember seeing happened in March 2007. I stayed up and got some photos of it.

The waning gibbous moon at around 07h00 on Monday morning as Tasha and I headed out for our walk.

This week's heat wave is building in and it's predicted to last through the weekend, at least. The mornings are relatively cool, so we open all the windows to let the cool air in. We also have a big fan up in one of the loft windows to help blow warm air out (and suck cooler air in) during the night.


  1. Waning Gibbous? Didn’t he like to eat twigs and berries?

  2. I love blue. That photo delights me :)

  3. mitch, lol! Didja ever eat a pine tree?

    judy, :)


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