Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Back from the dead

When we arrived in the house back in 2003, we found a Christmas cactus left behind by the previous owner. It wasn't in great shape, but it was alive. Over the years, Ken rooted cuttings from it so that now we have at least five cactus plants going in the house. This one was out on the deck during some of the freezing weather we had in early December. I thought it was a goner.

It's looked better, but it definitely has recovered from being brown and shriveled.

But we brought it indoors and watered it, and it kind of came back. Then, over the past week or so, it blossomed. The other cacti in the house have buds, but they haven't opened yet. I used to call them the President's Day cacti, since they had a tendency to bloom in February. But they may need to be renamed as Martin Luther King Day cacti this year.


  1. In the UK there are two varieties... probably one is a sport of the other... Christmas cactus and Easter cactus.... one flowering 3 months after the other and with paler "leaves" and flowers. My Mum had one of each.

  2. I love the Christmas cactus. We've had one for four years that has never bloomed. It would get a few tiny buds that would quickly dro poff. I finally stopped moving it to different locations and ignored it this year. It's now got several big buds that are clearly coming close to opening. Maybe there's hope. (And maybe they prefer being ignored or mistreated.)

  3. Nothing to do with Christmas cactus, but a question to both of you (and I have put this question on Ken's blog as well)? I don't remember ever reading about how you and Walt met and how long it took for you to know that "he's the one for me!" When did you move in together? Roderick

  4. My Christmas cactus bloomed in December this year, but sometimes it blooms in the spring instead of when it's supposed to bloom. I never know from year to year what it's going to do.

  5. tim, mine aren't falling into either of those categories! :)

    mitch, I thought they liked going into a cool dark place in the fall. Not that we do that...

    roderick, long story, but the short version is that Ken and I met in Paris in 1981. We started our "relationship" in 1982, and moved in together in 1983, thirty-six years ago.

    diane, same here! And I haven't paid attention to know if conditions changed from year to year.

    anne marie, they do add a nice splash of color, when they decide to bloom.


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