Friday, January 18, 2019

Jasmin d'hiver

This is winter jasmine, given to us by our friend CHM who took cuttings from a plant that grows in his Parisian garden, if I'm remembering correctly. We've had it for a few years and, not too long ago, transplanted it into this large pot that sits outside the greenhouse.

Winter jasmine, a January bloomer.

This is the time of year that it blooms, and it's looking pretty good this year. It should get bigger as time goes on. At the base of the pot are three varieties of thyme that I planted after the greenhouse was built.


  1. Glad the jasmin jaune is thriving. The parent plant, in Paris, died two years ago. I might want some cuttings back :-)

  2. So beautiful. And nice that you've got the plant to give cuttings back to CHM!

  3. You definitely have a green thumb...I wonder whether that winter jasmine is as fragrant as the white variety.

  4. The winter jasmine is blooming here in Alabama also. Some people mistake it for forsythia. Your time looks very happy!

  5. How pretty. At first, I thought it was forsythia, but it must smell much better.
    I soooo want a little greenhouse for winter growing.

  6. chm, you are welcome to them!

    mitch, what comes around, goes around, eh?

    thickethouse, I haven't noticed any scent, but I have trouble with scents these days.

    evelyn, the flowers do remind me of forsythia, but that blooms much later here.

    emm, ours isn't heated, so growing is probably not practical, but storing and keeping plants safe from frost is. Until spring...


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