Wednesday, January 30, 2019

No snow for us

We were on the back end of a storm that went through over night. At one point, around 01h00, I remember hearing some stiff wind outside. But I slept pretty well otherwise. We got some rain, but not a lot. North of us, however, and up into the Paris region, they got a few inches of snow.

The vineyards look dull and lifeless, but the grass is green.

I can feel the days starting to get longer now. I find myself looking out the windows, especially when there's some sun, thinking of all the things to do as the weather gets better. Like picking up fallen twigs, cleaning up flower beds, power-washing the deck, and planting seeds for the summer garden. I'm already looking forward to barbecuing again. Soon enough.


  1. I walked home last night in heavy snowfall, but when I got up this morning, it was already melting away from the car windshields and house roof-tops. Now, we have a bright blue, cloudless sky. Nice to see, in winter!

  2. We had sudden gusting wind yesterday, too. No snow either... not surprised.

  3. Isn't it heartening when you can sense the beginning of longer days! I spent a half hour in the sun on our front deck grating soap bars for homemade laundry detergent - the work didn't seem like work with the sun on my face and arms.

  4. We were supposed to get snow yesterday. The schools and businesses were closed. Not one flake!

  5. ellen, I agree about the blue sky, and I'll be the snow was pretty, too!

    mitch, if you had snow there, it would certainly be newsworthy!

    sillygirl, I enjoy sunny spring days. Still got a while to go...

    evelyn, amazing! I guess they figure that it's better safe than sorry.


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