Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Snow squall

With apologies to those of you who have "real" winters... We had a snow squall on Tuesday. It started out as rain, then changed over to snow. Some of it started sticking to the wet ground, but it melted away pretty quickly after it changed back to rain.

The view is from the deck outside the living room, panning from south to north.


  1. Better (s)now than never!

  2. What fun to "be there" with you! And without having to put on a warm coat!

  3. I think this year I can not see any snow. :(

  4. "The more it snows, tiddley-pom ..."
    I go into Winnie-the-Pooh mode when I see snow like that.

  5. chm, 'tis the season!

    sillygirl, I didn't put on a warm coat, either!

    recep hilmi, where is that?

    emm, hehe!

  6. Well, that video gave me for one a bit of a shiver! It's a beautiful view, but I'm glad I'm here.


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