Thursday, January 10, 2019

Throwback Thursday

Ken found some old photos on one of his disk drives the other day. I had forgotten about them. Some were photos that I took while Ken was away from home, using one of his digital cameras. These two were taken in September of 2002. We were still living in California. I drove up to Auburn from San Francisco to see our friend Sue, and our dog Collette came with me, of course. We visited a couple of wineries near Sue's house there.

Me and Collette, happy in the grass. She was a great dog! She was 10 years old, I was 42.

Obviously, I didn't take these two photos. I'm sure that Sue took the first one. I imagine that we got a winery employee to take the other one. Good times!

Sue and me, happy wine tasters!

It's nice to have all of these old photos. It helps me to remember all the fun we had back then. And it was great fun. You can't go back, but with photos you can remember!


  1. You were younger here than either of my two children. I love the enthusiasm in the second photo! January 10th is the day that I usually feel the daylight change and you explained why...

  2. I love going through old photos. These two brought a smile to my face and, yes, Anne Marie is right. You're still adorable.

  3. evelyn, it's important to appreciate those additional minutes of daylight!

    anne marie, ha!

    mitch, it helps with the memory, that's for sure!


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