Friday, January 25, 2019


I stopped into a bakery the other day for some bread and saw these. Dessert! They were as tasty as they look.

Three kinds of fruit on a flaky pastry crust.

As with many small French bakeries, the business is a family affair. The baker makes the bread and pastries in the back of the shop while his wife/partner works out front, selling the products. In this bakery the couple is pretty young, probably in their late thirties. They make beautiful breads, quiches, pizzas, and pastries and pies. Below is the top of the box in which Madame packed the two tartelettes that I bought.

Lucy in the sky with pastries.

And speaking of pastries, I went to the supermarket on Thursday. They were giving away a galette des rois (king cake) to customers who spent at least 45 euros. I'm sure they were trying to get rid of their unsold surplus since the time for galettes is passed, but that's a nice way to do it. And it wasn't stale or old-tasting at all.


  1. That is some classy box! And oh those pastries! Your fruit course.

  2. What an interesting post! And, as you say, the supermarket did a nice thing. Glad you enjoyed it.
    Around here, I'm enjoying the various weird (and non-edible) mushrooms that pop up after the rain.

  3. mitch, yes, in fact, K. prefers cooked fruit to fresh, so eveybody's happy!

    chris, we have plenty of those, too. All mushrooms are edible... once. LOL

    evelyn, :)

  4. ah, those french bakeries; I remember them well! so fresh, so tasty, so creative! most of our independent bakeries are gone, replaced by the ones in the supermarkets. quelle dommage. :(


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