Saturday, January 19, 2019


These are Jerusalem artichokes. Or, as I've heard them called, Jerusalem fartichokes. That is a reference to their propensity to induce digestive distress, i.e. gas. And it's true.

Topinambours, in the sun.

But they taste really good, so it's a worthy trade-off. The have the firm, crunchy texture of water chestnuts, and a similar flavor. They're good steamed and eaten just as they are, or made into a purée with or without the addition of potatoes. I've read they can be sliced thin and eaten in/as a salad, but I've not tried that. Yet.

Topinambours, not in the sun.

On Thursday, Ken baked them in the oven in a tasty broth, with a few potatoes and herbs, until the vegetables were tender and the liquid was almost completely boiled away. We ate them along side a couple of Toulouse sausages. Yummy. And yes, they did as they are known to do. Pardon me.


  1. I’ve never tried them. I love the name in French. Think I’ll avoid the gas.

  2. Topinambors make a wonderful windbreak.... but all the wind they break has to go somewhere!!

  3. Lovely pictures, but you may be verging on TMI there.
    I'd like to try them as is in a salad.

  4. wow. these are new for me. Avoid gaseous vegetables.


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