Saturday, January 12, 2019

California camping [2]

Just a few more shots of our first day out on this trip back in 2002. The car is my 1992 Jeep Cherokee Sport. It was a great vehicle. I was commuting in it at first, but after I got the job in the city I used the subway to go back and forth to work. The car became our weekend errand and recreational vehicle.

The '92 Jeep with its roof rack and "basket case."

I fitted the Jeep with a roof rack for bikes, then I got an attachment for the rack called "the basket case," or something funny like that. We could load the basket with camping gear and tie it all down to the roof. That left us a lot of room inside for other stuff, including our dog, Collette.

Ken and Collette taking a break from setting up camp before dinner. Notice the wine bottle on the table. Priorities.

The following year, as part of our move to France, I had a trailer hitch installed on the Jeep and we pulled a U-Haul trailer across the country from San Francisco to North Carolina. We planned to spend a month in Carolina where I put the car up for sale. Shipping a ten-year old American car to France was not a practical option.

We had a nice fire that evening before bed time. Then it got colder. And colder.

It wasn't until just a few days before we were scheduled to fly out that someone bought the Jeep. Ken's mother saw it around town a time or two after that, but then we all lost track of it. I'm sure it's no longer on the road as it would be about 27 years old now!


  1. You guys have evidently always had the most beautiful dogs!

    1. We were so lucky when we found Collette at the Humane Society in 1992 and "rescued" her. She was with us until 2006.

    2. Was Collette your first dog or was there one we've never heard about?

  2. I remember hearing about that cross country trek. I love seeing your camping set up and your jeep.

  3. Ah camping memories. It looks so wonderful. We had a similar tent. Jerry was claustrophobic and went to a hotel. We got a bigger tent and a screen house. Jerry went to a hotel. We got a lamp and bigger sleeping bags. Jerry went to a hotel. We gave it all away!

    1. Sorry, but I laughed. That's sort of the way I felt about family camping expeditions to the Adirondacks as a kid. After a couple of days, I was dying for a hot shower.

  4. kiwi, I think so, but then again, I'm biased. :)

    diane, she was the first!

    evelyn, good memories!

    mitch, a friend of mine once said that her idea of camping was a hotel with no room service.

    emm, many campgrounds have showers these days. I remember one Adirondack campground that installed showers in the '70s.


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