Wednesday, January 09, 2019


We had some snails lounging around in the freezer, so we decided to eat them on Tuesday. I thawed them out, put them in the snail dishes topped with garlic/parsley butter, and popped them into the oven for about ten minutes. They made a good appetizer for the day's lunch.

A little messy, but that's what happens when you have butter bubbling in the oven.

The main dish was a gratin de chou-fleur, cauliflower in a cheese sauce, browned in the oven. Ken found a nice cauliflower at the supermarket the other day. He cut it up and steamed it, then put it into a baking dish with a béchamel sauce, smoked pork lardons, and cheese, then into the oven for about twenty minutes. Comfort food!


  1. Oh noooooooooo! I like the dish (the ceramic one) but I've never been able to appreciate escargot. Maybe because I had a Sicilian friend in the '70s who used to like to pull snails out of the sand when we were swimming in the Mediterranean and suck them right out of their shells. I don't think I've ever gotten over the shock. Still... your presentation is impeccable.

  2. I like cauliflower anyway it cooked.

  3. I am imagining your escargot "lounging" around, perhaps wearing tiny berets and smoking miniscule Gauloises through teeny-tiny holders. Oh, so debonair.

  4. mitch, they're not everybody's thing, but we both like them. Snails are pretty much and excuse to eat garlic and butter.

    evelyn, me too!

    emm, they're hip gastropods!


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