Friday, January 04, 2019

From the archives

Back in the fall of 1989 (!), Ken and I took a trip through southern France. He was in Grenoble for a conference and I arranged to meet him there. We rented a car and drove through Provence, then over to the Dordogne Valley and on to the coast before turning north and back toward Paris. We passed through Cognac and stopped at the Martell winery and distillery for a tour and some tasting.

A display of vintage cognacs. Finished cognac is almost always a blend from different vintages or, in some cases, different vineyards.

Back then, I was taking color slides with a Pentax camera, my first-ever SLR. I've since scanned and digitized many of those old slides and posted them on this blog over the years. I posted a smaller version of this image in 2007 (eleven years ago!), but here it is again a little larger.


  1. Which Pentax?... [he asks... being a nosey Pentaxian!!]

  2. And all that brandy... good job I'm not that much of a fan.... but it would enrobe a good few cherries!!

  3. Ah... Golden. A delicious looking image.

  4. Oh, I really enjoyed my one trip to the Dordogne. No visits to cognac factories, though.

  5. Any recommendations for scanning old slides?

  6. In my youth we'd finish meals with a little cognac. Now I seldom drink and don't know if people are still drinking cognac as often.

  7. tim, I don't remember... it's been a long time and I don't have it anymore.

    mitch, and tasty, too!

    judy, you'll have to come back! ;)

    bill, I have a Canonscan 4400F multi-purpose scanner. It scans 4 slides at a time, then I processed the images in Photoshop. But I did this years ago now. There may be better technology out there these days.

    evelyn, we have it around the holidays, mostly. But other occasions do crop up!

  8. I don't think I have every had cognac - can this be so? I should try some.


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