Monday, January 07, 2019

Old door

Not much going on right now except for cooking and watching tennis on tv. Yesterday we ground up some beef that Ken found on sale and we used part of it to make meatballs for Sunday's lunch. Today we're using another part to add to a filling for burritos. We have meatballs left over for another meal, and then the rest of the ground meat will go into the freezer.

This door has seen better days.

Today play begins in Sydney and Auckland, the last two tournaments before the Australian Open starts in Melbourne in a week. I don't think any of our sports channels are carrying the Auckland tournament, but we should get to see Sydney.


  1. Yes, the door has seen better days but it's got so much charm. I had great plans to be productive today. I had coffee. Washed breakfast dishes. Had lunch. Washed lunch dishes. Went for a 6-mile walk. And now I'm going to fold laundry. Not quite how I pictured it.

  2. I love the door. It has character!

  3. That's a wonderfully atmospheric door. What is to its right, a blocked window? Perhaps a place to leave secret messages.

  4. mitch, yet, still productive!

    michael, I don't think it gets much use any more.

    emm, I think that's an electrical box, maybe the meter, or something like that.


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