Thursday, January 17, 2019

What's 'maters, precious?

I really need to get out with the camera. I'm reduced to taking pictures of produce. And it's not even tomato season. We try to eat seasonally much of the time, but once in a while you need a fresh tomato. Even if it doesn't have the flavor of the end-of-summer home-grown varieties.

They look good. How will they taste?

Ken picked up a bunch of tomatoes at the supermarket the other day. Some went into the tacos we made for lunch that day. These are the rest, slated for a salad today. As for seasonal vegetables, we're eating plenty of those. Cauliflower is gorgeous right now, we found some nice Brussels sprouts last week, and yesterday I got a bag full of nice looking topinambours (jerusalem artichokes). Maybe I'll take a picture of those.


  1. These are pretty, but how did they taste, really? Store tomatoes are just hardly even worthy of the name.

  2. You can photograph anything! Beautiful colors!

  3. Well, they look good ... but ...
    What did you do with the Jerusalem artichokes?

  4. judy, they were ok in the tacos, but certainly not as tasty as summer tomatoes. We didn't end up making the salad yet...

    mitch, the Italian flag!

    emm, tune in tomorrow (Saturday)!


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