Sunday, January 13, 2019

California camping [3]

After our chilly night in the tent, we spent the next night in a motel. That next day we visited the ghost town of Bodie, then saw Mono Lake, but not for the first time. I can't remember if we spent a second night in the motel, but we might have.

The good ol' Jeep at our Furnace Creek campsite in Death Valley, California, 2002.

Our next destination was the Furnace Creek campground in Death Valley. We had been there once before and wanted to go back. We had no problems with cold there. It was hot, and we didn't need the rain tarp on the tent. It was nice to feel warm again.

Our semi-organized table, with camp stove, Brawny paper towels, and a bag of charcoal briquettes, among other things.

I've forgotten how many days we spent, but we did some riding around to see the sights. Behind the campground was a golf course. I thought it was strange to wake up to the sound of sprinklers watering the greens in the middle of Death Valley. We saw a few coyotes nearby while walking Collette. She was interested, but we had to keep her on the leash. Coyotes are dangerous where domestic dogs are concerned.

Another view of the site. That's our little Smokey Joe grill on the left. We still have it! We also still have the tent and those chairs.

After Death Valley, we headed south again. We were going to see our good friend CHM, who spent time in the Southern California desert back then. More tomorrow.


  1. Waking up to those sprinklers WOULD have been very strange.

  2. I remember seeing these photos and you telling us about your équipée in the wild.

  3. So nice to remember. Coyotes, seen plenty about them in movies and tv shows. I thought more scavengers than killers, but of course your home turf and you would know. You must have loved Callie a lot.

  4. Have you ever used the camping equipment in France?

  5. I have a chair very like those, but in dark blue. Really useful. Your footrests are very nice addition.
    How odd to see trees in a picture of Death Valley, which is almost always portrayed as open desert, just sand and cactus. Cacti?

  6. I enjoy seeing you sleeping in past tents.

  7. mitch, the sound of automatic lawn sprinklers is a very "California" sound to me.

    chm, Ha! I learned a new word. Or, more precisely, an old word. ;)

    andrew, coyotes are wild animals, even if they look like cute dogs, so you have to be careful around them.

    diane, we've set the tent up a few times in the back yard, but we haven't gone "camping" in France.

    emm, this place, Furnace Creek, is a resort kind of place built where there is some water, not much. The rest of the valley is pretty parched, as you would imagine.

    michael, LOL!


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