Tuesday, June 11, 2019

A party and old friends

I mentioned that our neighbors across the road had a party this past weekend. It was a large gathering that started on Saturday and continued through Sunday. There were still a few folks there on Monday, too. The weather wasn't great, but it was good enough not to spoil the fun.

That's B. enjoying some shade and conversation on Sunday afternoon.

The house belongs to B. and M. who live in Blois, about 40 kilometers north. It has been their vacation home since the 1970s. Now that they're both well into their eighties and no longer driving, they've handed the house over to their eldest daughter and her husband who, it turns out, were celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary over the weekend.

The family matriarch M. surrounded by family and friends. She's standing in the middle of the group (with the light blue top).

B. and M. came down for the Sunday portion of the party and Ken and I were invited in the late afternoon for dessert. That's when we learned it was an anniversary party; we didn't know in advance. It was very nice to see B. and M. (we hadn't see her since last summer). They were in fine form and good spirits. We spent about an hour chatting and catching up.

And just to show she can still party with the best of them, it's "bottoms up" with a glass of bubbly.

Most of the guests at the party were family, many of whom we've come to know (and some who we've seen grow up) over the years. Children, in-laws, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of B. and M., plus friends, gathered for food and drink. It's a big family, and ever since Ken and I arrived in the neighborhood sixteen years ago, they've generously included us in many of their festivities.


  1. This morning I talked to the hosts of the weekend party. They told me they had 86 people in attendence, and they were thankful the weather cooperated to the extent it did. It would have been impossible to seat everybody for meals in the house.

  2. So nice to be treated like part of the family.

  3. I love this family! M looks so happy to be surrounded by her loved ones.

    1. I was very emotionally affected when I looked at the photos in Walt's post this morning. And also when we were leaving the party Sunday evening and M. called out to me to say, almost as if to the whole family gathered there, how happy she had been to see us again. She has a grandson who has come out as gay, and she told me a year or two ago that she would never have been able to believe that he could have a happy life if she hadn't met Walt and me back in 2003 and gotten to know us so well. M. and B. are both fantastic people.

  4. It is heart warming that you as a couple are accepted as friends and included in social life. And I write as a straight, Roderick

  5. Was there an assortment of desserts or just a large anniversary cake? Looks like a gathering in the US.

  6. mitch, they're very generous folks.

    evelyn, she was enjoying herself. None of the stress of having to pull it all together.

    roderick, they've always simply accepted us. Nice.

    diane, I think there was only the croquembouche. I didn't see anything else.


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