Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Bloomin' heat

These are grape flowers in bloom. You really have to look hard to see them, but they're there. As the flowers fade, little grapes will form and grow into a more recognizable bunch.

The flowers have tiny white stamens, I don't think there are petals.

The heat is building in. Our outside thermometer, located in a shaded spot on the north side of the house, recorded a high of 30.4ºC (almost 87ºF) yesterday . It was hotter on the deck, though. This morning it's 21.7ºC (about 71ºF) outside and all our windows are thrown open. Cool air is moving through the house. The peak of the heat wave is expected on Thursday or Friday.


  1. UFC’s! Wishing you good air flow!

  2. mitch, UFC's? You got me...

    1. That was supposed to be "Uf!" And it took me a moment to remember what it was supposed to be! UFC's had ME, too.


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