Wednesday, June 26, 2019


One of our part-time neighbors has several rose bushes in her yard. She did some serious pruning last year and this year the roses are covered with blooms. This one is supported by the fence that runs along the vineyard road.

Our neighbor's pink rose bush just a few days ago.

Tuesday's high temperature reached 31.1ºC (about 88ºF) on our outdoor thermometer. Today we're expecting it to get just a little higher than that. Thursday is predicted to be the peak with one weather site saying the temperature will top out at 35ºC (95ºF) while another says 41ºC (about 105ºF). Evening is the worst time inside the house, but once the sun sets (right around 10:00 pm) things begin to cool off, albeit slowly.


  1. Those are lovely roses. I like the small, old-fashioned ones.
    Hope your heat isn't as bad as predicted and that it breaks soon.

  2. judy, yes, it is!

    emm, we hope so, too. We'll see.


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