Tuesday, June 04, 2019

Today's garden

This year's vegetable garden is now officially "in." I'm hopeful that the little seedlings will survive the deluge we're expecting this week. An unusually large amount of rain is predicted for Wednesday. It's always something.

The one big garden plot is a lot easier for Ken to till up than the four smaller squares. And the plants are spaced farther apart now.

The view is from almost the same angle as yesterday's photo from 2004. The difference is that I was standing up on a ladder for the 2004 shot. This one is taken from the ground. And the current photo is about six weeks earlier in the year than the older one. There are no weeds, yet. Oh, they will come.

I harvested our first batch of snow peas over the weekend. We ate a beef with snow pea stir-fry for lunch on Sunday. Delicious! I'll be picking some more in a day or two, after the rains. The yellow flat beans have sprouted and will soon be climbing up the fence (in the back on the right in the photo).

I like the garden at this stage. It's neat, orderly, and weed-free. That will all change and, if we're lucky, we'll be harvesting tasty toms and more later this summer.


  1. Very exciting. I admire your dedication... and will not be emulating it.

  2. The snow peas appear to be charging ahead. That's the thing about cool weather crops which take a while to get going but then really take off. Better success this year than last.

  3. I always admire your commitment to gardening and cooking. Full circle!

  4. mitch, you can work your garden once you get done cooking!

    sheila, they are, indeed!

    ginny, you're no slouch, keeping bees and all!


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