Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Grape flowers

The vineyard is blooming. Not that you'd notice. Grape flowers are tiny and only visible if you look closely. Those pictured here were not quite open when I took the photo, but they are by now. Soon, the little grapes will form and start to grow.

These grape flowers are on the verge of opening.

Today work is supposed to start on the half-bath in the loft. There's some plumbing that has to be done to install a water supply line and, of course, the drain line before the fixtures can go in. There's a little electric re-wiring to be done as well, but nothing major. I'm not quite sure what the sequence of work will be, but if we're lucky we'll find out today.


  1. Such a basic process that I find so magical. Thanks for sharing photos of the vineyards throughout the year.

  2. mitch, and the best part is in the drinking!

    judy, finally! We're anxious, nervous, and excited.


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