Monday, June 24, 2019

The green green grapes of home

The vineyards in our region have donned their full summer green. The grape vines are flowering now. Little bunches of grapes are on the way. The weeds are also thriving thanks to a rainy spring. And now we're entering at least a week of heat. Météo France is saying we will get up to 40ºC on Thursday and Friday. That's 104ºF, something we haven't seen since 2003, I think.

Summer finally showed up, with a vengeance.

Sleeping was uncomfortable enough last night, and we were only in the high 20s. Sleeping in the high 30s is going to be very difficult, with only fans to move the air around. We will be sure to stay hydrated. Oh, and I dug out the recipe and started making ice cubes.


  1. While on hot nights our place is already cool from aircon, we only use ceiling fans at night, covered in a sheet and stay quite cool enough. Our place quickly heats up to the core building temperature once the air con is off. 40 sounds absurd for your part of France.

  2. Wow. I keep reading about the heatwave. It sounds like the worst will miss us on the coast and we have sea breezes and air conditioning. I feel for you!

  3. At least you haven't lost your sense of humor - yet!

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  5. Welcome to the club. We had two days last week when the temperature rose to 107 F, but that's pretty normal for the Sacramento Valley area. Suppose to be 94 today, so cooling off a bit. May I have your recipe for ice cubes? I'll need them today.

  6. French ice cubes, you say? Very chic and delicious, I'm sure.
    Hope the temp estimates prove exaggerated.


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