Saturday, June 29, 2019

Hot stuff

She wasn't called Donna Summer for nothing. Our heat wave continues. Thursday was expected to be the peak, but Friday was hotter. We topped out at 35.8ºC (just over 96ºF) on our outdoor thermometer. The mornings are getting warmer, too, as the ground gains more and more heat. Fortunately for us, we are not down south where temperatures are seriously hot.

The rozanne geraniums are enjoying the heat. You can tell I'm not the most meticulous weeder.

The work has stalled in the bathrooms for the weekend. The builder has another job he needed to start, and the plumber is stuck waiting for him. He should be back on Monday and things should get back on track. There's not much left to do, but we decided to make one change. We're finding that the little sink in the new WC is just too small, so we're going to replace it. I'm heading out this morning to get the new one. The plumber stopped by yesterday to look at the specs and make sure the replacement would work and he gave us the green light. Photos to come.


  1. Any idea what are the flowers on that arching cane top right of vp the photo?

  2. Weeding can be exhausting! I saw France hit a record high today. 46C in the south! So glad you're not experiencing that. We're having our hottest day so far but only supposed to be around 31 (which probably means 35).

  3. The big question is: Will the downstairs bathroom be usable by Friday?

    1. Remember the line from The Big Chill: outdoors is one big bathroom.

    2. If I pee out the window it will land on the greenhouse. Does the roof need washing?

  4. chm, yes, they are roses. You can see them from the other side, and in bloom, in the June 8 post.

    mitch, ugh! Weeding the veg garden is a big chore and I only do the bare minimum, like when I can't see the tomato plants for the weeds. lol.

    peter, if you do that, it will! ;) We're hopeful that it will be functional before friday. There is a bidet in the salle de bains...


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